An Immigrant’s Tale In Trump Land

September 8, 2020

  I was 24 when I came to this country. I came following love; the love that today has given me a perfect little boy that I get to call my son. I came hoping to belong in a new family, a new community, and make new friends. It was 2015, and while I sat […]

Pollsters and Polling: Still Standing

May 14, 2020

When Donald Trump upset Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election, pollsters were chastised for “getting it wrong.” The national polls had Clinton slightly ahead of Trump, but the Republican nominee ended up winning the election and becoming president. If people were skeptical and questioned the accuracy of polling before the election, they became downright suspicious […]

Julian Assange Arrested at Ecuadorian Embassy in London

April 11, 2019

Julian Assange’s seven years on the run came to a dramatic close this morning when police entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London and arrested him. The move came after Ecuador withdrew the asylum that they had been giving Assange, citing bad behavior. They invited London Metropolitan Police officers into the embassy. Police immediately detained Assange […]

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