Slavery Is Still Legal in Louisiana

May 18, 2021

Louisiana House Bill 196, which was an amendment that would have prohibited slavery and involuntary servitude in Louisiana, was killed by the House Committee on Civil Law and Procedure last week.  Currently, according to the state’s constitution, “Slavery and involuntary servitude are prohibited, except in the latter case as punishment for a crime.” Representative Edmond […]

Legislative Updates: Conservative Bill Would Force National Anthem To Be Played at Public Sporting Events; Police Reform and Housing Legislation Also Considered

May 13, 2021

Should Athletes Be Forced To Sing National Anthem That Includes a Racist 3rd Stanza? Over the strong concerns of several Black members, the House Judiciary Committee today passed out SB 124 by Sharon Hewitt that would mandate that the National Anthem be played or sung at every sporting event at any venue paid for by […]

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