Belden Batiste Files Complaint Against New Orleans Inspector General Edward Michel

January 19, 2024

Community activist Belden Batiste filed a complaint with the New Orleans Ethics Review Board against New Orleans Inspector General Edward Michel for allegedly threatening Batiste with arrest by federal authorities. In a January 17, 2024 letter to ethics board attorney Dane Ciolino, Batiste said the treat came during a heated conversation outside the City Council […]

Carter & Batiste Blast Wilson; Claim 100,000 Recall Petition Signatures Were Submitted

March 24, 2023

Recall campaign organizers Eileen Carter and Belden Batiste said today, Thursday March 23, that they turned in approximately 100,000 petitions with signatures of Orleans Parish registered voters – far more than the 67,000 petitions Registrar of Voters Dr. Sandra Wilson claimed had been submitted. The announcement came during dual press conferences Wilson and Carter/Batiste held […]

Recall Campaign Regroups As Quest for More Accountability Continues

March 22, 2023

The campaign to recall Mayor LaToya Cantrell is a newly-christened ship navigating uncharted waters.  Campaign leaders knew they could harness the raw unrest and concerns about crime felt by so many citizens across all neighborhoods. Thousands of eager participants unafraid of potential backlash from the Cantrell administration lined up to fill out the petitions correctly, […]

Questions Persist About Mayor Cantrell’s 2022 Recap Brochure: Was Fraud Committed?

February 28, 2023

City of New Orleans CAO Gilbert Montano provided a partial response Friday, February 24, to questions posed by City Council President J.P. Morrell and Vice President Helena Moreno regarding Mayor Cantrell’s recent 2022 recap brochure which the Cantrell administration selectively sent to 106,633 “fellow New Orleanians who actively participate in our local democracy” in late […]

Recall Petitions Delivered to Registrar of Voters Before Deadline

February 23, 2023

Led by recall campaign leaders Belden Batiste and Eileen Carter, ten boxes of petitions believed to be signed by valid Orleans Parish registered voters who want to force a vote on Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s future were delivered to Registrar of Voters Dr. Sandra Wilson Wednesday afternoon (February 22) less than an hour prior to the […]

NOLAtoya.ORG to Register of Voters: We’ll Make the February 22 Deadline

February 16, 2023

The campaign to recall Mayor LaToya Cantrell notified Dr. Sandra Wilson, Orleans Parish Registrar of Voters, that “on or no later than February 22” they will be delivering petitions signed by “tens of thousands of New Orleans registered voters” who want Cantrell out of office. The formal notification came in the form of a letter […]

NOLAtoya Recall Campaign Only Needs 1,029 More Signatures To Reach Goal

February 14, 2023

With eight days remaining, the campaign to recall New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced Monday evening, February 13, they need approximately 1,000 signatures before an election on Cantrell’s future as mayor can be called. “We’re almost there but we still need a few more of our fellow citizens to take a stand for New Orleans,” […]

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