INVESTIGATION: Do Black Lives Matter to Commander’s Palace?

June 3, 2021

In the midst of Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd one year ago, current and past employees of Commander’s Palace took to social media with complaints about racism in the restaurant. In one Facebook post former employee Khiry Armstead laid out his grievances with Commander’s Palace highlighting, “The lack of upward […]

“He’s gonna have nightmares”: LA Troopers Bragged After Beating Black Man

March 14, 2021

Four Louisiana State Police Troopers joked in a group text after beating 29-year-old Antonio Harris, according to new court filings. According to the documents, an internal investigation found Louisiana State Police (LSP) Troopers Jacob Brown, Randall Dickerson, George Harper, and Dakota DeMoss beat 29-year-old Antonio Harris even though he had surrendered. According to the LSP, […]

Report: Black Workers Nearly Three Times More Likely to be Unemployed in Louisiana

March 11, 2021

Throughout the pandemic, unemployment has been a consistent concern, particularly in Louisiana. The state is heavily reliant on the hospitality industry, especially in New Orleans. Around 16 percent of the city’s workers are employed in the hospitality industry, which has been hardest-hit by pandemic safety closures. A new report by Step Up Louisiana analyzing the […]

One Thing at Time

January 28, 2021

The Capitol Insurrection was a monumental event that, unless something even more dramatic and disruptive happens in the next few weeks, will likely shape American public life for the next decade.  Emotions are still raw, even while the investigations are underway and many of the facts are yet unknown.  What is clear already, however, is […]

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