Saints Gamble in Los Angeles Backfire

December 26, 2023

Was that Ted Lasso coaching the Saints on Thursday Night Football?  You know, a soccer coach? Or say you are an NFL coach with your season on the brink of failure or success.  Who do you emulate in your offensive strategy? A)Vince Lombardi B)Bill Walsh C)Bill Parcells D) Brandon Staley The answer if you are […]

5 Questions Saints Must Answer While Preparing for Week #1 Clash vs. Buccaneers

July 29, 2020

The New Orleans Saints veteran players officially began reporting to Training Camp yesterday, and in a video conference call with reporters, General Manager Mickey Loomis said that the entire team basically will first began immediate testing for COVID-19; and that an actual football practice on the field is likely still a few weeks away. But […]

As Saints Shift Focus Back to Football, Spotlight Will Shine Directly on Davenport

June 11, 2020

Pure and indisputable “raw” talent. “Breath-taking” athleticism. The potential to even become “dominant”. Those are just a few of the complimentary and praise-worthy terms that have been used within the past few recent weeks and months, to refer to New Orleans Saints edge pass rusher / defensive end Marcus Davenport. But as the Saints organization […]

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