Is China Using TikTok To Interfere in the Presidential Election in the United States?

November 24, 2023

??? In recent years, concerns have been mounting over the potential for foreign interference in the democratic processes of nations. The United States, with its global influence and contentious politics, is a prime target for such activities. As another presidential election cycle approaches, questions arise about whether China is using popular social media platforms like […]

U.S. Rail Strike Narrowly Averted; Governors Abbot and DeSantis Send Migrants to Martha’s Vineyard, DC; China Questions Russian Invasion of Ukraine

September 15, 2022

Rail unions negotiated a tentative agreement Thursday, narrowly avoiding a nationwide rail strike. Republican Govs. Ron DeSantis and Greg Abbott sending migrants to Martha’s Vineyard and Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence in DC is a “cruel, premeditated political stunt.” Chinese leader Xi Jinping has "questions and concerns" over Russia's faltering invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin admitted on Thursday.

What China’s Uneven Recovery Means for the U.S

August 3, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has adversely affected the largest economies in the world since China reported the first confirmed case in December 2019. The disease started spreading rapidly in Europe and the United States in February. The growth domestic product of China grew by 3 percent in the second quarter of the year while that of […]

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