Neaux Reel Idea: Our Stay-Home Movie Mixtape, Vol. 1

March 22, 2020

Troubling times we’re living in, for sure. New Orleans has essentially shut down to halt the spread of COVID-19, the global pandemic that separates the true leaders from the whiny privileged, and that obliterated any doubt about the intentions of a certain 1% of people. Bars are closed, gatherings are greatly restricted, and life as […]

Neaux Reel Idea: THE GOD INSIDE MY EAR Review

September 18, 2018

Few of the images in the opening montage of inner character visual turmoil play any kind of hand in the narrative of The God Inside My Ear. At one moment, there’s a boxer. At another, there’s a child in a field. Then a cloaked figure. Then some other shapes and objects. Quickly cut and intercut […]

Neaux Reel Idea: What Is BLACKkKLANSMAN?

August 14, 2018

Spike Lee’s latest film and condemnation, BlacKkKlansman, isn’t really a comedy. Sure, it's been marketed as one. Sure, its title brings to mind Dave Chappelle’s infamous/hilarious skit from over a decade ago. And sure, one of the best ways to take away the power of racists is to expose their silly and ignorant nature (which this film does in spades). No, it still isn’t really a comedy.

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