The Fog

October 3, 2018

Come autumn and the edges of things would coarsen and go brittle thin with the cold. The downy milkweeds and fleshy mosses took on a lustrous, metallic sheen, and the tips of our eyelashes would snap and blanket our pillows like brown evergreen needles on snow. Blackened branches scratched silently across bright, chalky skies. Ours […]


September 12, 2018

*The Following Poem appears in a short book by Nolan Storey called “Chaotic Hope.”  It can be purchased at Blue Cypress Books.     A Cat is a secret keeper, She’ll give none of yours away. A cat is a friend in sorrow, She’ll share your burdens any day. A cat is there when times […]

No Daylight – 3

September 12, 2018

*This is part 3 of a 5 part series.   I woke up with a gun on my lap and the sound of my ceiling fan rotating overhead. Morning light had begun to peak through the edges of my closed blinds. For no reason at all, I looked through the peep hole in my door, […]

Cold as Comfort

September 5, 2018

  Cold is important. I only truly feel alive when it’s cold outside. When it’s cold, I can bundle up.  I can add layers to warm myself. I can commiserate with others and hold them close.   When it’s hot and humid, I can only push others away. I want to escape my skin. The […]

On a Bench in the Metro

August 29, 2018

Alex Van Geffen is a 25 year old graduate student who was born, raised and resides in New Orleans. This piece marks his return to creative writing after not doing very much of it since high school.


August 22, 2018

Joao Amos is a New Orleans Raised writer who evacuated to New York for Hurricane Katrina. There they discovered Slam poetry at the Urban Word Writing Workshop. Upon returning to New Orleans to graduate from Lusher Charter with a concentration in creative writing, Joao received the Scholastic Silver Medal.

No Daylight – 2

August 22, 2018

Adam Albaari is a writer, originally hailing from Columbia, Maryland. He attended Loyola University New Orleans, graduating with a BA in English with a Writing Concentration. He resides in the Uptown area and has spent over five years writing both journalism and serial fiction for local publications.

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