Obama & Bernie are Right: “Defund the Police” is a Terrible Slogan

December 10, 2020

“Yes We Can,” “Change We Can Believe in,” “Make America Great Again.” Fantastic slogans. And then there’s this: “Defund the Police.” Wait, what? A little less than a week ago, President Obama spoke to Peter Hamby’s “Good Luck America” for Snap Originals from Snapchat which you can catch on YouTube. In the interview, Hamby asked Obama, “Again, if […]

Arthur Hunter in His Own Words

July 23, 2020

On a warm sunny afternoon in New Orleans, I sat down with Judge Arthur Hunter (Ret.) to discuss his platform and campaign to become the next District Attorney of Orleans Parish. Hunter, presents with a soft-spoken mild-mannered demeanor, but underneath those character traits is a man passionate about reforming the city of New Orleans. Hunter’s […]

Defund the NOPD? Yes, and Here’s How

June 11, 2020

Defund and Disband the New Orleans Police Department?  Why yes, Defund and Disband the NOPD.  Just like we defunded education, defunded healthcare, defunded housing, defunded social services, defunded environmental oversight, and defunded…well, you get the point.  We’re aware that the word “Defund” sounds scary. What would we ever do without a police force funded at […]

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