Veterans Groups Say U.S. Veterans Victims of GOP, Dems “Political Games”

August 1, 2022

Last Wednesday, 80 percent of Senate Republicans - including Louisiana Senators Bill Cassidy and John Kennedy - banded together to delay the passage of the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act (PACT Act). The legislation would provide healthcare for as many as 3.5 million veterans suffering from a variety of illnesses, including terminal cancers, after being exposed to toxic burn pits, radiation, and Agent Orange herbicide while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Louisiana Democrats Announce Merger With Republican Party

September 14, 2020

Newly-elected Democrat chair Katie Bernhardt announced that her first action as the state chair will be to negotiate the merger of the state’s Democratic and Republican parties. In a DSCC video conference, Mrs. Bernhardt stressed the importance of expanding the party’s base and appeal to people who hadn’t voted Democratic since the Civil Rights Act. […]

Senate Report: Trump Team Actions Interfered in Obama’s Diplomatic Effort

August 18, 2020

A report released today by the Republican-led intelligence committee concluded that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a Russian hack of the Democratic Party during the 2016 presidential election in an effort to help Donald Trump become the president. In the more than 1,000 page report, the committee finds that Putin intended to “harm the Clinton […]

Groundbreaking! First Openly Transgender Woman to Hold Political Seat in Louisiana

July 12, 2020

It was a big night for transgender people in Louisiana. Peyton “Rose Michelle” Theriot, who goes by Peyton Rose Michelle, won her seat with the Democratic State Central Committee for the 46th District A, representing St. Martin, Iberia, and St. Landry Parishes. She is the first openly transgender woman elected to a Louisiana political position, […]

Most Louisiana Voters Oppose Full Marijuana Legalization, One Poll Finds

April 24, 2020

While 11 states plus the District of Columbia have now legalized recreational use of marijuana, a 2020 Louisiana opinion poll shows that a majority of registered voters still oppose legalization – but that number has decreased slightly.  The poll was sponsored by Louisiana Public Opinion, LLC, and conducted by My People Vote in association with […]

Democrats are United and Ready for War

April 15, 2020

Prolonging the Democratic primaries while we are trying to defeat Donald Trump is just like wasting time in-fighting with our allies while the greatest threat we all face enjoys a strategic advance over his opponents. The enemy is garnering universal support from his party much sooner, lending him an early advantage in the general election. […]

The Long Way Left…

April 12, 2020

“Ev’ry man a king ev’ry man a king For you can be a millionaire But there’s something belonging to others There’s enough for all people to share When it’s sunny June and December too Or in the winter time or spring There’ll be peace without end Ev’ry neighbor a friend With ev’ry man a king”- […]

My Father’s Vote For Trump

December 14, 2019

In late November 2016 my parents were visiting us for my son’s birthday. It was one week after Donald Trump won the Presidential election. My nerves were shot, optimism gone, and a fearful panic of the next four years consumed my thoughts. But not my Dad’s. My father was an English Literature Professor, for 37 […]

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