Director of Governor’s Office of Disabilities, Bambi Polotzola, Speaks With Big Easy About The Importance of Disability Rights

May 8, 2021

Bambi Polotzola is a life-long teacher, a community organizer, lover of people, activist on several fronts and the mother of a young adult with autism. As Director of the Governor’s Office of Disabilities, she fights every day to ensure that the thousands of Louisiana citizens who have a disability get the opportunities and services they […]

A Different Kind of Blue

December 6, 2020

  It was 1992 and a little over a month from the Democratic National Convention when an Arkansas governor turned presidential candidate took to the Arsenio Hall stage with his saxophone. Donning sunglasses and a bright yellow tie, he went on to capture not just the attention of the country but Louisiana’s eight electoral votes […]

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