LA Congressional Candidate State Sen. Troy Carter Discusses Key Issues and Addresses Concerns in Interview

March 9, 2021

Louisiana has seen dramatic demographic and political changes in the last thirty years. Once reliably Democratic, the state has mirrored the larger urban/rural realignment in the rest of the United States and now supports Republican candidates by some of the widest margins in the country.  Following the 2010 census, Louisiana lost a congressional seat, shrinking […]

Only Criminals and Perverts Oppose DC Statehood

January 29, 2021

Many great and terrible issues bedevil the world today.  Most of them are complicated affairs that pit deeply-held and competing, values against one another. If one considers something like the debate around abortion, there are almost as many positions as there are people.  Only the most committed hyper-partisans and true sociopaths will refuse to admit […]

Grading the Trumpian Coup: A COIN Analyst Reacts

January 26, 2021

Author’s note: I don’t claim to be the world’s foremost expert on extra-legal campaigns to usurp power, but neither am I a completely unqualified bar stool-patriot here to mansplain tyranny. I am a retired 35-D. That would be an Army Intelligence officer, for those who are unfamiliar with the designator. That required many long days […]

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