An Interview That’s ALMOST READY

August 14, 2018

Al Champagne, for as long as I’ve been Facebook friends with him, has been promoting his close to being finished documentary Almost Ready, about the New Orleans punk rock scene in the 70s and 80s. With some teasers of interviews released and snippets of photos taken, it’s certainly been in production. But when will it be ready?

Acting Brando

August 1, 2018

Actor John Mese has recently has begun performing a one-act, one-man play on Christian Brando called Wild Son. I thought this would make for a good opportunity to catch-up and learn more on the Hollywood career acting process.

Neaux Reel Idea: The Lost Lucas, Part 2

July 24, 2018

“In a world where Star Wars epitomizes the commercialization of a film franchise, it can be fascinating to look at Lucas’s original socio-political statements.” – Josiah Berger of Shotgun Cinema I have no doubt in my mind that George Lucas was severely hindered by the popularity of Star Wars. Looking at his works before and after, it’s clear […]

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