The unchurching of a movement

July 18, 2020

African American movements for equality have long been entrenched in the Black church. The Black church has produced some of Black Americas most prolific and profound leaders such as Rev. Adam Clayton Powell, Rev. Martin Luther King, Rev Jesse Jackson and Rev. Ralph Abernathy. In fact, the leading civil rights organization of the 1960s, the […]

Covid-19 Parable Rewrite of Two Boats and a Helicopter

April 5, 2020

A man and his family were quarantined in their house during a pandemic. That night the father prayed to God for help to keep him and his family healthy. So that next day, God had the Governor give a speech with health officials, and even a football coach, telling the man how to wash his […]

Neaux Reel Idea: THE GOD INSIDE MY EAR Review

September 18, 2018

Few of the images in the opening montage of inner character visual turmoil play any kind of hand in the narrative of The God Inside My Ear. At one moment, there’s a boxer. At another, there’s a child in a field. Then a cloaked figure. Then some other shapes and objects. Quickly cut and intercut […]

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