Big Easy Movie Revews: The Craft: Legacy

October 31, 2020

Is The Craft: Legacy a new cult classic or does it have a premise that’s light as a feather and a plot that’s stiff as a board? “Ya’ll witches ready?” Right on time for Halloween comes the new Craft film (hereafter simply known as Legacy). The original film, The Craft, which came out 24 years […]

Big Easy Movie Reviews: Black Box

October 28, 2020

It’s always great to watch and review a film made in New Orleans, Louisiana. Luckily, with Black Box, we can do just that. “Welcome to the Blum House” is a collection of eight current and upcoming films from Blum House on the Amazon Prime video service. In the time of COVID-19, when theaters are dying […]

Big Easy Movie Reviews: The Mortuary Collection

October 28, 2020

“Dark, twisted, and awesome, you say? Well, let’s see how this one grabs you.” Sometimes there’s not a lot that excites me about horror movies. Of all the genres, horror has the hardest time making quality films. Is it a source of untapped potential, or are the best, most original horror films behind us? I’ve […]

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