Louisiana Budget Project Says Bill 186 Will Strip Child Support Payments From Children in Need; Rep. Bacala Says Otherwise

April 1, 2021

Louisiana State Representative Tony Bacala, Republican representing Ascension Parish, has been in the crosshairs of Twitter recently, specifically of Jan Moller, Executive Director of the Louisiana Budget Project, and Louisiana Democrats. Moller recently tweeted that, “A Louisiana legislator wants state government to confiscate child support payments from poor kids to help pay their Medicaid costs.” […]

The Crucial Role of Information Management in Healthcare

December 1, 2020

The world today is rapidly advancing on the shoulders of information technology and management. Be it science, medicine, or arts, every field is massively transforming, all thanks to modern developments. Data or information management is not a new field. However, IT Support Canberra experts F1 Solutions tell us when we combine it with information technology, […]

Five Primary Roles of Administration in Healthcare Sector

October 23, 2020

Just like any other organization, hospitals, and clinics also require laborious administration. Without proper management, any institute can easily fall off track and lose its objective and aims. Since an organization functions on limited resources, the administration is imperative to ensure these resources get put to the best use.  Furthermore, the healthcare sector does not […]

How to Boost the Standing and Credibility of Your Hospital

October 2, 2020

Owning a hospital requires focusing on various functions. One of these roles is providing a boost to the credibility of your hospital. Patients put themselves at stake when they trust their lives with you. The patients want to have a complete guarantee of your standing and potential before choosing you over any other facility. Therefore, […]

The Ethics Of AI And Death

August 10, 2020

AI can now accurately predict death, but is that a prediction we want to hear? In almost every industry, artificial intelligence (AI) is on the fast track to outpacing human endeavor. Machine learning technologies are already better than the average person at gaming, creating content and even building AI, and it appears they are only […]

Her Platform

September 1, 2018

This month, we have an interview with Democratic congressional candidate Tammy Savoie. I chat with her about the personality she carries, the ideas she has and her overall spirit for this state and country.

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