Cascading Disasters During Hurricane Beryl Highlight Vulnerability of Gulf Coast Oil and Gas Infrastructure

July 10, 2024

Venture Global’s Plans to Expand Gas Export Terminals on Coast Called into Question July 10, 2024 – Hurricane Beryl has exposed the fragility of the Gulf Coast’s oil and gas infrastructure, causing significant disruptions and environmental damage in Texas and Lake Charles. Several companies reported power outages, which led to the flaring of gasses at the […]

Hurricane Beryl: A Harbinger of Climate Change and Its Far-Reaching Effects

July 1, 2024

As Hurricane Beryl barrels through the Caribbean, it stands as a stark reminder of the intensifying storms brought about by climate change. Beryl’s rapid intensification and early-season fury underscore the urgent need to address the environmental shifts contributing to such extreme weather events. Current Status of Hurricane Beryl Hurricane Beryl, now a powerful Category 4 […]

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