The FBI Was Warned About the Attack on the Capitol

January 13, 2021

Over and over again, the Justice Department and FBI officials have denied knowing that the Capitol would be attacked on January 6th by violent protestors. According to a report by The Washington Post, this is not true.  The FBI was aware that an attack would occur because one of its field offices in Norfolk, Virginia […]

LA GOP Continues to Call for Voter Fraud “Investigation” Despite Insurrection

January 8, 2021

Despite an attempted insurrection, the Louisiana Grand Old Party (LAGOP) has stood their ground and requested a voter fraud “investigation.” They write: The LAGOP stands with congressional Republicans who called for a full investigation into allegations of electoral fraud. The party condemns violent protests by any and all groups on either side of the spectrum. […]

Donald Rouse of Rouses at Trump Rally While Breaux Mart Owner Shares Antifa Conspiracy Theories

January 7, 2021

Update: Breaux Mart has since responded. Donald Rouse, Sr. has also responded. In surprising news, Donald Rouse, Sr. Co-owner of Rouses Super Market, was seen in Washington D.C., along with former Rouses Human Resources Director Steve Galtier to protest the election of President-Elect Joe Biden. According to a tweet by Lamar White of the Bayou […]

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