DA Williams Issues Statement on Public Safety Agreement With Attorney General

February 8, 2024

New Orleans, LA — We truly believe in a fair, just, and efficient system. The important reforms implemented under former Chiefs Serpas and Harrison were critical to a change in the culture and quality of policing in New Orleans. We all benefit from ethical law enforcement. As prosecutors, we rely on constitutional policing, because unconstitutional arrests jeopardize […]

SCOTUS Rules No Mandatory Retrials for Those Convicted by Jim Crow Juries – But There Is Still Hope

May 19, 2021

Louisiana’s incarceration system, like most incarceration systems in this country, has always been racist, prioritizing putting Black men in jail over actual justice. This is made obvious by the state’s prison population being disproportionately Black and through racist laws like the one that created Jim Crow Juries.  Jim Crow Juries were legalized by an 1880 […]

Orleans Parish DA Jason Williams Hopes to Stem Juvenile Crime Through Providing Guidance and Opportunities

February 11, 2021

This week, the Orleans Parish DA tweeted, “Yesterday, DA Williams was back in the community sharing ideas with faith leaders to stem juvenile crime. We heard from a young man who was recently involved in carjackings. It was encouraging to see how faith leaders are mentoring and helping him with employment.” They followed the tweet […]

In School Board Race, LGBT Community Flexes its Political Muscle

December 29, 2020

In the December 5 runoff elections, political newcomer JC Romero defeated 2-term incumbent Leslie Ellison for the Orleans Parish School Board District 4 seat.  Ellison was only 21 votes from winning outright in the primary, yet she ended up being defeated by a 10% margin. This unusual result was the culmination of efforts from many […]

Big Easy Magazine Endorses Arthur Hunter for NOLA District Attorney

October 20, 2020

Arthur Hunter represents a real change for the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s office. In his twenty-three years as a judge in Criminal District Court, Hunter has gained the reputation of a fair and courageous judge. While on the bench, Judge Hunter proactively advocated for equal funding for public defenders and expanded programs for criminal defendants. […]

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