Gaines Wins Demo State Party Chair as Part of Blue Reboot

April 15, 2024

Former State Representative Randal Gaines is preparing to settle into his new offices in Baton Rouge as head of Louisiana’s Democratic Party only because he aligned himself with the Blue Reboot reform movement. Created to bring new leadership to Louisiana’s Democratic Party, Blue Reboot played a decisive role in the recent Democratic elections for parish-level […]

Is Real Change on the Way for Louisiana’s Democratic Party?

March 21, 2024

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are expected to easily win Louisiana Democratic and Republican presidential primaries on Saturday, March 23. Yet there are many livelier contests underway– some too close to call – for seats on the two state central committees and 39 parish executive committees. The March 23 election is what […]

Who Voted and Who Didn’t in the October 14 Elections

October 24, 2023

The October 14, 2023 elections were a wake-up call for many New Orleanians who were surprised by the outcome of more than a few parish and state-wide races. Yet, with statewide turnout at 35.8 % and turnout in Orleans Parish at 27% percent, the 132,000 Orleans Parish voters who didn’t make it to the polls […]

October 14 Elections Are All About Turnout, Turnout, and Turnout

October 13, 2023

With Louisiana’s statewide and legislative elections upon us, the candidates and their supporters as well as the backers of the various constitutional amendments and charter change amendments are making their final pushes. Shawn Wilson has spent this week shaking hands, kissing babies and raising money all across the state. He met with supporters at a […]

State Treasurer John Schroder Pulls State Investments From Black Rock Due to Company’s Net-Zero Emissions Policy

August 12, 2022

Louisiana State Treasurer John Schroder must believe that climate change is a hoax. He is one of almost two dozen Republican state treasurers who are “working to thwart climate action on state and federal levels,” according to the New York Times. The group has been meeting secretly to plot strategy aimed at opposing regulations that […]

Choices Again Narrow As Ban on Abortion Will Soon Be Back in Place

July 31, 2022

In his ongoing quest to ensure Louisiana women do not have access to safe abortions, Attorney General Jeff Landry convinced a three-judge panel of the 1st Circuit Court of Appeal to reinstate the “trigger ban” on abortions on July 29. The ban is expected to take effect almost immediately. The abortion clinics and doctors who are the plaintiffs in the case also have the option to mount an appeal with the Louisiana Supreme Court. Attorneys for the abortion providers were disappointed that the court did not allow them to file opposition to Landry’s motion.

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