Democrats Cheer As Shawn Wilson Enters Race for Governor

March 7, 2023

The dynamics in the race for governor of Louisiana changed dramatically today with the entry of Democrat Shawn Wilson, the well-respected former state secretary of transportation who resigned his position last Friday, March 3. Wilson joined the field that is already cluttered with Republicans including Attorney General Jeff Landry, the early leader in the race, […]

LA Senator Barrow Advocates for Women With Legislation, but Lets Down Transgender Women With Vote

May 7, 2021

On Wednesday, the Louisiana Senate Education Committee approved legislation SB 156 that will restrict transgender youth from participating in public school athletics, by forbidding them from participating on the sports teams that matches their gender identity.  State Senator Beth Mizell has defended the bill, which she authored, by saying its purpose is not to attack […]

Lynda Woolard Discusses Her New Progressive Podcast, Louisiana Lefty, in an Interview With Big Easy Magazine

May 5, 2021

Danae Columbus caught up with veteran campaign organizer and strategist, Lynda Woolard, the day after the second congressional district race to ask her about her new podcast for progressives. Louisiana Lefty can be heard on multiple podcast platforms, and can be found at LouisianaLefty.Rocks. Louisiana Lefty’s stated goal is “to democratize information, demystify party politics, […]

Louisiana State Police Failed to Reprimand Trooper for Using Racial Slur, Agency’s Troubling Record on Race Goes Back Decades

September 6, 2020

On September 3, WBRZ reported that Louisiana State Trooper August McKay referred to a black colleague as a “fucking n—er” in 2017.  The Louisiana State Police investigated the incident and wrote a letter of reprimand that WBRZ called a “slap on the wrist.” However, even that minuscule punishment never reached McKay’s desk.  Instead, a federal […]

Auto Insurance Should be Allowed to Discriminate Against Women, Widows, Insurance Commissioner Says

May 14, 2020

On May 12, 2020, at the Louisiana State Legislature, Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon boldly stated that automobile insurance companies should be able to charge women higher rates. “Racial discrimination is unfair discrimination,” he said, “gender discrimination is fair discrimination.” For all those who asked yesterday, here’s the video of Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelon saying […]

BREAKING: Governor Edwards Discusses April 29 Meeting with Trump, Fauci, Pence

April 30, 2020

  Today, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards discussed his April 29, 2020 meeting with President Donald Trump. Governor Edwards also touted his Washington, D.C. meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Jared Kushner, and Vice President Mike Pence, as part as his efforts to bring relief to Louisiana amidst the COVID-19 crisis.  “They were watching Louisiana much […]

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