Judge Seizes Control of Six ‘Unlivable’ Apartments from Slumlord Joshua Bruno

August 5, 2022

On Monday, US Bankruptcy Judge Meredith Grabill said that Bruno's complexes are "in a state of abject decrepitude," and took control of Oakmont, Cypress Park, Forest Park, Liberty Park, Washington Place, and Riverview Apartments. According to Grabill, Bruno received $800,000 in hurricane insurance money that he thing "surreptitiously" caused to "vanish in the wind without one receipt, canceled check, or other primary-source support to show that the proceeds were spent on repairs to the properties."

“Truly Awful” – Needles on the Floor, a Nightmare Condition at Metrowide Apartments

April 27, 2020

Author’s note: This is the first article in a series called “Slumlord City: How New Orleans Rentals are Failing Working Families.” This article is about Metrowide Apartments, a group of rental units and complexes owned by Joshua Bruno. When Devin Shelley moved into the apartment complex called Washington Place, they weren’t expecting to have to […]

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