Our Views: Mayor Cantrell Remains Deaf to Constituent Concerns

August 25, 2022

Nearly 50% of New Orleanians disapprove of the mayor's performance at this point, but that hasn't deterred her from staying the course. Over the past several weeks, Mayor LaToya Cantrell has faced criticism on trash contracts, crime, her outlandish travel spending, and more. Yet in almost every interest, she has ignored the concerns of her constituents and attempted to defend her actions - or even doubled down.

Celebrating New Orleans’ Young Entrepreneurs

June 30, 2019

The youth of New Orleans has been in the news a lot lately. With the recent announcements of Mayor LaToya Cantrell’s new juvenile justice initiative and the implementation of a citywide curfew, some residents have become concerned that the reputation of New Orleans’ children is being skewed unnecessarily negatively. “As a city, we should be […]

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