Candace Newell’s Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Could Impact Louisiana Incarceration & Industry

April 9, 2021

Representative Candace Newell filed legislation HB 243 to decriminalize marijuana possession and distribution in Louisiana. Newell felt motivated to write this bill, “Because I have seen the disparities in how people are treated in this state. Black and brown communities are treated far more harshly than others.”  Newell emphasized that the legislation would have a […]

Two-Thirds of Louisianians Support Legalizing Marijuana

March 29, 2021

According to a poll recently conducted by JMC, two-thirds of Louisianians support legalizing marijuana. The poll found that 67% of residents support marijuana’s legalization, which reflects a 13% jump from last year when they conducted a similar poll. 16% of respondents favored only legalizing medical marijuana, 8% favored keeping recreational and medical marijuana illegal, and […]

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