Party Buses in Peril

October 1, 2018

Another day, another ordinance. It seems the laissez-faire attitude New Orleanians love to boast about is slowly chipped away daily, mainly by residents (new and old) who complain about one thing or another. The music is too loud. The parade grounds are too crowded. The bike lanes are a menace. The bar is too close […]

That Familiar Beat

September 1, 2018

The beauty of New Orleans’ music venues is that they aren’t concerts. Musicians don’t rely on lights or multi-million dollar sound equipment or stagehands to help them perform at their best. The singers, guitar players, piano soloists, and drummers hit all the right notes because they are enjoying the intimate proximity of patrons who love the feeling of being involved with the music.

Things to Do Special Edition: French Quarter Fun

August 3, 2018

We all complain how the French Quarter is nothing but drunken tourists and t-shirt shops, but a few, brand new, local businesses are working to change that. Despite our current reservations about the neighborhood, we trudge against the heat and the smell and the beers at every stop because the French Quarter is a symbol of New Orleans and still cannot be replicated anywhere else.

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