Biden Signs Respect for Marriage Act; US Dept of Energy Announces Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough; US Lawmakers Introduce TikTok Ban

December 13, 2022

President Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act into law on Tuesday. For the first time, scientists have successfully produced more energy from fusion than the energy they used to power the experiment. Sen. Marco Rubio has introduced a bill that, if passed, would prevent the popular Chinese social media app TikTok from operating in the US.

AG Jeff Landry Creates Pro-Censorship Tipline

December 2, 2022

On Tuesday, Attorney General Jeff Landry launched a tipline for citizens to report librarians, teachers, and other school and library personnel. According to critics, this is just another government censorship tactic aimed at silencing LGBTQ authors.

CANS Can’t Stand, Exposes Controversial Law and Trans Activists Fighting For It’s Repeal in Documentary

June 3, 2022

For forty years, police and prosecutors have weaponized Louisiana’s Crime Against Nature by Solicitation (CANS) law to terrorize queer/trans Louisianians.  A documentary by filmmakers Matt Nadel and Megan Plotka entitled CANS Can’t Stand follows a group of Black trans women in New Orleans who are fighting to repeal that law—and advance trans liberation across the […]

A Fighting Strategy For Louisiana’s LGBTQ+ Movement

March 30, 2022

Last July, Louisiana House Representative C. Travis Johnson headed to Baton Rouge for an unprecedented veto override session. Because of unexpected pressure from below, he then made the biggest flip-flop of his career: backpedaling his own transphobia.  Despite being the state’s Democratic Party Vice-Chair, Johnson co-sponsored the transgender sports ban, which had passed the two-thirds […]

Black and Gay Elevates LGBTQ Voices in New Orleans

March 28, 2021

Black and Gay is a worldwide directory made up of Black LGBTQ artists, writers, businesses, and everyone in between. The group promotes sponsored events for black and gay businesses, participates in fundraising events, and facilitates distribution of safe sex materials to Black and Gay subscribers.  Founded by Michael Myers, Black and Gay is a directory […]

Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana Attacks Transgender Teens in a Facebook Post

January 29, 2021

Yesterday Bill Cassidy posted on Facebook, “Say it with me — biological males have no place in girls’ sports.” He paired the statement with a factually erroneous article titled, “Biden’s Politically Correct Assault on Girls Sports.” The article was written by the Washington Examiner Editorial Team, which frequently publishes articles masquerading as pro-women while simultaneously […]

In School Board Race, LGBT Community Flexes its Political Muscle

December 29, 2020

In the December 5 runoff elections, political newcomer JC Romero defeated 2-term incumbent Leslie Ellison for the Orleans Parish School Board District 4 seat.  Ellison was only 21 votes from winning outright in the primary, yet she ended up being defeated by a 10% margin. This unusual result was the culmination of efforts from many […]

J.C. Romero endorsed for New Orleans School Board by major community organizations and leaders

September 30, 2020

New Orleans School Board candidate Dr. J.C. Romero has been endorsed by the Orleans Parish Democratic Party (OPDEC), Forum for Equality, the Black Organization for Leadership Development (BOLD), Victory Fund, the Independent Women’s Organization (IWO), and the Alliance for Good Government. Forum for Equality and the Victory Fund are both major advocacy groups for LGBTQ+ rights […]

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