Veto Override Session Likely to Revolve Around Anti-LGBTQ+ Legislation

July 14, 2023

The Louisiana Legislature will head into a veto override session on Tuesday, after a majority of lawmakers declined to submit ballots that would have cancelled the veto session. Although Gov. Edwards vetoed 25 bills and portions of three pieces of budget legislation, it's believed the three anti-LGBTQ+ measures will be at the core of this override session.

Karen Carter Peterson Resigns from State Senate, Citing Depression, Gambling Addiction

April 9, 2022

After a career of over 20 years, New Orleans-based state senator Karen Carter Peterson announced her resignation today. Louisiana Senate President Paige Cortez confirms that he received Peterson's resignation Friday morning. In a statement released on Friday, Peterson cited her mental health, including ongoing struggles with depression and gambling addiction, as her reason for resigning.

Louisiana Redistricting – How You Can Participate in the Process

January 3, 2022

The Louisiana Legislature is currently in the midst of one of the most important political processes in the state: redistricting. If you've paid attention to other states, you understand how important and possibly contentious this process is. Already lawsuits have been filed challenging redistricting efforts in Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, and Georgia on the basis of racial fairness. 

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