2nd Congressional District Voters Still Prefer a Moderate Democrat – Troy Carter

April 26, 2021

The voices of voters in Louisiana’s second congressional district rang out loud and clear in this low turnout election. They preferred the moderate Troy Carter, who openly embraced working across party lines, rather than the liberal firebrand Karen Carter Peterson, who positioned herself as an unapologetic progressive and advocated for the left’s signature policies.  According […]

Game Changer: Progressive Champion Gary Chambers Endorses Karen Carter Peterson for Congress

March 29, 2021

  With two people left competing for former Congressman Cedric Richmond’s seat, in a run-off with state Senators Troy Carter and Karen Carter Peterson, an important endorsement has arrived that may sway the race. Gary Chambers, who came in a very respectable third with 21% in the March special election, endorsed Sen. Peterson. Sen. Peterson […]

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