OPPRC Unveils Mural in Effort to Bring Attention to Problematic Cash Bail System in New Orleans

April 7, 2021

Orleans Parish Prison Reform Coalition (OPPRC) is working to end cash bail and make jails in New Orleans more humane. Established in 2004, OPPRC is a grassroots group of individuals who work to improve the conditions of those held in Orleans Parish detention. The group works to reduce incarceration and create more humane jail conditions. […]

Local Sensation “King Cone” Disappears Mysteriously Only To Be “Resurrected” Easter Sunday

April 5, 2021

Is it an art piece? Is it a political statement? Is its existence purely practical? One thing is for sure- King Cone aka Mega Cone has set New Orleans social media abuzz, in the past week. What’s King Cone? An 8-foot-tall, bright orange and white, homemade traffic cone that materialized at the corner of Washington […]

Black and Gay Elevates LGBTQ Voices in New Orleans

March 28, 2021

Black and Gay is a worldwide directory made up of Black LGBTQ artists, writers, businesses, and everyone in between. The group promotes sponsored events for black and gay businesses, participates in fundraising events, and facilitates distribution of safe sex materials to Black and Gay subscribers.  Founded by Michael Myers, Black and Gay is a directory […]

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