Cantrell’s Woes Continue: Judge Blocks Wisner Funds, Watchdog Group Investigates Apartment Use

September 30, 2022

The punches keep rolling in for beleaguered mayor LaToya Cantrell. A civil court judge has temporarily blocked the use of all Wisner funds without court approval. Following that news, the Metropolitan Crime Commission (MCC) released a report showing that Cantrell has been living in an Upper Pontalba apartment, and asked that the council investigate whether or not Cantrell has been paying rent.

Opinion: Where’s The Beef? Mayor Cantrell’s Crime Initiatives Clearly Not Working

July 2, 2021

It will take a lot more than worn-out platitudes to make New Orleanians feel safe in their homes, cars and neighborhoods. While the three-pronged effort Mayor Cantrell presented earlier this week that focuses on prevention, apprehension and intervention might sound good, the results are disappointing. “Crime is up in every category,” said Raphael Goyeneche, head […]

The City Council Wants Answers After Portia Pollock’s “Preventable Death”

June 16, 2021

District “B” Councilmember Jay H. Banks requested the participation of Chief Judge Herman, Judge Harris, and Judicial Administrator Kazik at the upcoming Criminal Justice Committee Meeting to clarify the procedures that determine eligibility for electronic monitoring. This request is the direct result of the City Council wanting answers about how the murder of Portia Pollock […]

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