65% of America’s Agricultural Exports Go Through the Port of New Orleans

May 25, 2021

Many people in New Orleans don’t realize how crucial the Port of New Orleans is not only for Louisiana’s, but also the United States’ economy. Without it, both would be up a river without a port.  “In Louisiana, we have about 8.3 million acres of row crops,” explained Mike Strain, the Agricultural Commissioner for Louisiana. […]

Levees: The Cause of Land Loss?

July 16, 2019

I have often heard people blame the levees for the land loss crisis here in Southeast Louisiana. Like they were a curse that starved the wetlands of sediment that originally built this Delta over a period of 3000 years.  The word “levee” presumably is French for “raised.” It was the great flood of 1927 which […]

The Result of Re-Connecting the River

July 5, 2019

It is unfortunate, because of the various “marketing” campaigns of the state and some environmental groups promoting so-called “sediment” diversions,  that the general public thinks that if you re-connect the Mississippi River to the wetlands that land will “pop up”. The state’s Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority is planning to build two so-called “sediment” diversions […]

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