Municipal Auditorium & Armstrong Park Jazz Complex Buildings Sustain Damage From Hurricane Ida

September 19, 2021

The four almost 200 year-old historic buildings in Armstrong Park along with the Morris F.X. Jeff Municipal Auditorium suffered extensive damage during Hurricane Ida, according to the Save Our Soul (SOS) coalition which has been opposing the relocation of City Hall to the auditorium. “The damage that Hurricane Ida inflicted to the Municipal Auditorium and […]

Armstrong Park Stakeholders Plan Voter Registration Drive; Await Council Action on Change to Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

July 14, 2021

The Save Our Soul Coalition (SOS) will hold a voter registration drive Saturday, July 17 at Optimus Entertainment, 9820 Lake Forest Blvd. SOS opposes the proposed relocation of City Hall to the Morris F.X. Jeff Municipal Auditorium in Armstrong Park. The effort to educate and sign-up new voters will take place from 2 p.m. until […]

Cantrell Prepared To Let Municipal Auditorium Rot; Stakeholders Ask for Tour

July 2, 2021

Mayor Cantrell has infuriated Treme residents and culture bearers with her decision to leave the Morris F.X. Jeff Municipal Auditorium “unsecure” while the process to relocate City Hall into the historic structure pauses. Without it being secured, the 90-year-old building will continue to deteriorate.  “Mayor Cantrell’s arrogance, disrespect and bullheadedness is an indication of what […]

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