NBA Pelicans’ CJ McCollum Learns About LCCR’s Holistic Approach To Youth Justice Advocacy & Visits The Juvenile Justice Intervention Center

October 19, 2023

You can’t have a positive outcome with all of the negatives around you. I think we have to figure out how to surround them [New Orleans’ youth] with more positives collectively, not just the kids that are here but kids that could potentially be here…” –CJ McCollum (New Orleans, LA – October 19, 2023) Yesterday, […]

Top Moments in Pelicans History

February 16, 2021

New Orleans Pelicans are one of the two professional sports franchises playing out of the Big Easy, bringing pride to fans whenever they play. The Pelicans might not be the most illustrious team in NBA, nor the most successful, but their history is littered with magical moments, and not all are on court.  In a […]

COVID-19 Updates: WHO Pronounces Global Pandemic, Louisiana and New Orleans Declare Emergencies, European Travel Ban, and More

March 12, 2020

There was a rush of announcements and news related to COVID-19 on Wednesday. Let’s catch you up: WHO Declares a Pandemic On Wednesday, the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, a global pandemic. The virus has affected at least 114 countries and killed 4,000 people. In the US, there are […]

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