Huntington – Part 1

November 7, 2018

The cobblestone driveway of Andrew Han’s home was littered with skid-marks. The comings-and-goings of his various clients and employees carved a physical imprint on his otherwise impressive estate. From his office window, he could see the entire cul-de-sac before him, and clearly spot any on-coming visitors from a significant distance away.


October 31, 2018

Join this week's featured fiction writer, Camille as she explores the horrors of Radiation on the human body and psyche.

Crescent Calling

October 17, 2018

Because there was fracture and friction, I sang. Caught in a prism of pastel pains, punctured through and through with dull threaded needles of dread and suffering, a product of the nimble fingers of sinners seeking absolution, a patchwork child. I remember the soft, gentle ache of a sad thing, the warm shadows of mourning […]

Unrequited Love Prayer

October 10, 2018

It often seems in life, Beauty is terribly outweighed by pain. Love is only met with strife, And getting up each day is a strain. It seems like people are shit, And God and Hope are lies. Like trust is a joke, And our only purpose is to die. But every once in a while […]

Tangible Voids

October 3, 2018

For even one moment the birds stopped cackling The bugs went to sleep The dogs all sat and listened The silence of an empty mind The echo of a soul gone sad It passed through windswept streets snow blown against warm panes People in chairs and couches huddled close to crackling fires The void of […]

The Fog

October 3, 2018

Come autumn and the edges of things would coarsen and go brittle thin with the cold. The downy milkweeds and fleshy mosses took on a lustrous, metallic sheen, and the tips of our eyelashes would snap and blanket our pillows like brown evergreen needles on snow. Blackened branches scratched silently across bright, chalky skies. Ours […]

To Love, To Let Her Be

September 19, 2018

Do the romance thing whether autumn or spring whichever suits your aesthetic. Remember though, harsher conditions do follow and they may become unbearable. That is called selfishness and lack of trust. The jasmine won’t bloom for your desires, yet she will to evolve for her. Therefore, with or without you, A deserving romance with much […]

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