City Council Legislation Addresses Opioid Epidemic With Push To Decriminalize Fentanyl Test Strips

May 7, 2021

New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno advanced her legislation to decriminalize fentanyl test strips in New Orleans on Tuesday.  “Saving lives has got to come first,” explained Council President Helena Moreno. “The opioid epidemic rages on, but fentanyl is a uniquely dangerous and often invisible accelerate to the damage wrought. This simple harm reduction […]

Ready to Get Your COVID-19 Vaccine? Here’s How to Get on New Orleans’ Waitlist

February 11, 2021

The New Orleans Health Department announced the launch of a Citywide Vaccine Waitlist today to help eligible individuals connect with vaccination locations.  This government-run sign-up method centralizes the vaccine appointment process, which previously involved residents directly reaching out to pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals to get on their waitlists for vaccination appointments.  To get on the […]

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