Local Sensation “King Cone” Disappears Mysteriously Only To Be “Resurrected” Easter Sunday

April 5, 2021

Is it an art piece? Is it a political statement? Is its existence purely practical? One thing is for sure- King Cone aka Mega Cone has set New Orleans social media abuzz, in the past week. What’s King Cone? An 8-foot-tall, bright orange and white, homemade traffic cone that materialized at the corner of Washington […]

Cantrell Fires Back at Family Looking to Fix 7-Year Leak “Do Not Cause Harm to Issues that MY Administration Have Worked Extremely Hard to Address”

January 7, 2021

The Yuratich family has lived in Navarre for 10 years now and they’ve been dealing with the same troublesome leak for 7 of them. In 2013, Jessica Yuratich’s father-in-law noticed a sinking spot in the yard right next to the driveway. Because of its proximity to the lot’s water main, Jessica reached out to the […]

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