Grabes’ Greenhouse – Pt. 2

December 5, 2018

Our office space in Bushwick was still half-vacant. We only had a handful of writers that needed to come in to work every day, our other team would report to Terrence and I remotely. The rows of monitor stations only took up a quarter of the overall space. The monitors faced a large window that […]

Crescent Calling

October 17, 2018

Because there was fracture and friction, I sang. Caught in a prism of pastel pains, punctured through and through with dull threaded needles of dread and suffering, a product of the nimble fingers of sinners seeking absolution, a patchwork child. I remember the soft, gentle ache of a sad thing, the warm shadows of mourning […]

The Fog

October 3, 2018

Come autumn and the edges of things would coarsen and go brittle thin with the cold. The downy milkweeds and fleshy mosses took on a lustrous, metallic sheen, and the tips of our eyelashes would snap and blanket our pillows like brown evergreen needles on snow. Blackened branches scratched silently across bright, chalky skies. Ours […]

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