Top Ten Things to Do With Your Trash in New Orleans

September 20, 2021

  With the city in a continual state of crisis, from debatable evacuation planning to an inability to fulfill basic sanitation necessities, New Orleans has had a tough time. But we at Big Easy Magazine are here to help out the city and maybe the mayor, if she’s not too busy getting into bar brawls. […]

Look at This F$#%in Street! Popular Instagram Account Showcases NOLA’s Notorious Potholes

June 22, 2021

Taking New Orleans by a storm, @lookatthisfuckinstreet is one of the city’s most popular pothole accounts, “documenting the cracked and sinking streets of the Crescent City.”  With almost 29,000 followers, widely worn Pothole Watchdog t-shirts, and over 714 hilarious posts, the account has blown up to be bigger than the impressive potholes it documents.  Below […]

Power Coalition Withdraws Support for Prop 2 Following Scathing Op-Ed in Bayou Brief

December 5, 2020

In surprising last-minute news today, the Power Coalition for Equity and Justice, a non-partisan local community organization, has withdrawn support for Proposition 2 after being called out by the Bayou Brief. Proposition 2 is going to be voted on tomorrow. After Jules Bentley’s article in the Bayou Brief, “Something Doesn’t Check Out” appeared criticizing Prop […]

Neaux Reel Idea: Our Stay-Home Movie Mixtape, Vol. 1

March 22, 2020

Troubling times we’re living in, for sure. New Orleans has essentially shut down to halt the spread of COVID-19, the global pandemic that separates the true leaders from the whiny privileged, and that obliterated any doubt about the intentions of a certain 1% of people. Bars are closed, gatherings are greatly restricted, and life as […]

That Familiar Beat

September 1, 2018

The beauty of New Orleans’ music venues is that they aren’t concerts. Musicians don’t rely on lights or multi-million dollar sound equipment or stagehands to help them perform at their best. The singers, guitar players, piano soloists, and drummers hit all the right notes because they are enjoying the intimate proximity of patrons who love the feeling of being involved with the music.

Wesley Nance: A Heart Of Gold And The Voice Of An Angel

September 1, 2018

I walk into the Maple Leaf Bar to meet a charming young man named Wesley Nance, an aspiring singer with an incredible amount of promise. I find him sipping a cup of red wine through a straw, which makes sense to me; nobody wants dark red or purple lips. He greets me with a warm hug and we proceed to the courtyard to discuss his singing and his life in general.

Truth, Technology, and Fun: New Orleans’s Public Libraries

September 1, 2018

My interest in libraries dimmed with time. They were a place for me to grab some books and return them (often with steep fines). With Netflix, Spotify and Amazon, especially its Kindle Unlimited service available to me, libraries seemed to be obsolete. And like any self-centered person, I assumed if they were obsolete for me, they would soon be obsolete for everyone else as well. The reality is otherwise, and for me, quite surprising.

Pirate City: 2060

July 11, 2018

So do our walls, The wetlands die, Amidst the calls, For environmental reforms, For stricter relations, Anything to save us, From the conquering worms, This gulf. This river. This sea. Rising up around us, until our precious boot, Ceases to be. Only by boat, Can you reach us any longer, Our earthen moat, These levees […]

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