October 14 Elections Are All About Turnout, Turnout, and Turnout

October 13, 2023

With Louisiana’s statewide and legislative elections upon us, the candidates and their supporters as well as the backers of the various constitutional amendments and charter change amendments are making their final pushes. Shawn Wilson has spent this week shaking hands, kissing babies and raising money all across the state. He met with supporters at a […]

City Council at Large Candidate JP Morrell Got Put in a Hard Days Work in Effort To Help With Trash Pickup Shortage

September 20, 2021

City Council At Large candidate JP Morrell just concluded three hot days of stinky work picking up decaying garbage in Gentilly and New Orleans East.  While the City Council was sitting in their air conditioned chambers discussing the garbage problem on Friday, Morrell was volunteering as a hopper to get first hand experience on what […]

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