A Lovely Sunday For Poetry

August 1, 2019

New Orleans locals, mark your calendars for almost every Sunday afternoon (around 3:30), and there will be a seat waiting for you in the courtyard of The Maple  Leaf Bar.

New Orleans Kiss Mouth

March 6, 2019

New Orleans your wet day                 drive-by’s are hot blood                                       hot saucing in roadway’s potholes      of mush-mud. New Orleans your witchcraft              soul-saved me from husband-             heartbreak, drafted to be wed                                 by the cast bones of a brood hen. Back pat                                              back pat                                               doing good. Out the draft,                                       the thrown bones, out the marriage,                                  new home. New Orleans got that back pat, doing good. Rain clucks          the clothes […]


September 26, 2018

The candle dimly glows. The shadows come and go, Passing across my face, As I struggle to leave this place. The flame begins to wither, As down my arms you slither, Somewhere between a snake and a snail, Your trails of slime leading me to fail.   The candle flickers, And is finally snuffed, By […]


September 12, 2018

*The Following Poem appears in a short book by Nolan Storey called “Chaotic Hope.”  It can be purchased at Blue Cypress Books.     A Cat is a secret keeper, She’ll give none of yours away. A cat is a friend in sorrow, She’ll share your burdens any day. A cat is there when times […]

Crab’s Glass

September 5, 2018

  My mother said I didn’t cry as a baby, lately I don’t cry as a woman, where do my tears go?   Have I placed them somewhere in the care of another? Somewhere under someone’s covers?   Or their sheets? With smell of frankincense and amber on the parts where my nose would be […]


August 22, 2018

Joao Amos is a New Orleans Raised writer who evacuated to New York for Hurricane Katrina. There they discovered Slam poetry at the Urban Word Writing Workshop. Upon returning to New Orleans to graduate from Lusher Charter with a concentration in creative writing, Joao received the Scholastic Silver Medal.

To Get Her

August 15, 2018

Be Playful But not immature Exude strength But don’t overbear Show interest Nothing shallow though Bond for real Not for nuts Practice faith And lose fiction Don’t say love And live otherwise Shed the weapons. They no longer serve you. Be her protector. Therein lies your purpose and your secure escape. That’s how you grow […]

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