Empty Circles

August 8, 2018

  We perched atop an empty plinth With each other to lean against Lust between our lips Your voice sweet enough   To reach the spot inside of me That ached for something true Didn’t want to get down too soon, But you moved too smooth. Your skin wore the moon in ink, and I […]

Horticulture of a Healer

July 25, 2018

Her Green Thumb Heals the land she graces, Her open heart, Loves the people she faces. Her laugh, Her voice, Her smile, Lift up the spirits of all the folks. Her flawless sense of style, Is matched only by her wit, Bespoke.   She is of the Earth, Yet she is of spirit. Hers is […]

A Midsummer Night’s Hangover

July 18, 2018

  The dull ache Behind these eyes, In this jaw If only for the sake Of this disguise, Face rubbed raw. Dragging feet Day by day, Through brambles, Broken glass And sharpened clay. My soul is weary And needs rest. Peace, Always outside my reach, Though I try my best To grasp fickle joy, A […]

Pirate City: 2060

July 11, 2018

So do our walls, The wetlands die, Amidst the calls, For environmental reforms, For stricter relations, Anything to save us, From the conquering worms, This gulf. This river. This sea. Rising up around us, until our precious boot, Ceases to be. Only by boat, Can you reach us any longer, Our earthen moat, These levees […]

Cocktails and Epic Fails

July 11, 2018

Glory.  Failure. These are the only options. Well not really.  There are actually many possibilities in between.  Glory and failure just seem to be the most exciting experiences to talk about.  However, the elusive awesomeness of the hybrid, glorious failure, is always worth recounting.  Over the next several pages, or about half an hour of […]

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