New York Gov. Declares Disaster Over Polio; Judge Tosses Trump Suit Against FBI, Clinton; Texas DPS Chief Rejects Uvalde Cover-Up Claims

September 9, 2022

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul issued an emergency declaration on Friday in an attempt to ramp up vaccination efforts for polio. A federal judge in Florida dismissed former president Donald Trump's lawsuit against Hilliary Clinton and the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday. Texas DPS Chief Col. Steven McCraw said on Thursday that he would fire any member of the Texas Department of Public Safety who did not do their job the day a mass shooter entered Uvalde Elementary.

Arkansas Police Officers Suspended After Brutal Beating; Russia Blames Ukraine for Car Bombing; US Battles Overlapping Health Emergencies

August 22, 2022

Three Arkansas police officers were suspended after a video surfaced of them beating a suspect. Russia is blaming the Ukrainian secret service for the car bombing death of Russian political commentator Darya Dugina. Overlapping health emergencies has some health officials concerned as the country moves towards cold and flu season.

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