LA Legislators File Bills to Address Racial Discrimination in the Black Community

April 22, 2021

  Recently, several Louisiana legislators have filed eyebrow-raising legislation to include a bill that could make it illegal to teach about racism and sexism as well as bills that threaten health care for transgender people. To counter the series of regressive legislation filed by Republican legislators, four Democratic legislators and one Republican legislator have filed […]

Rep. Matthew Willard Launches Effort to Cap Residential Property Assessment Increases; Moreno Writes Letter of Support

March 23, 2021

Rising property tax assessments in New Orleans have been an ongoing issue for several years. Now, a new bill proposed by State Rep. Matthew Willard would cap residential property valuation increases at 10 percent a year, unless the valuation change was due to renovation or sale. This could help slow the erosion of affordable housing across New Orleans - which has been in the middle of an affordable housing crisis for several years.

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