Candace Newell’s Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Could Impact Louisiana Incarceration & Industry

April 9, 2021

Representative Candace Newell filed legislation HB 243 to decriminalize marijuana possession and distribution in Louisiana. Newell felt motivated to write this bill, “Because I have seen the disparities in how people are treated in this state. Black and brown communities are treated far more harshly than others.”  Newell emphasized that the legislation would have a […]

Bipartisan Support for Legal Cannabis: Republican Files Marijuana Legalization Bill in Louisiana

April 7, 2021

Louisiana Republican Representative Richard Nelson introduced HB 524 which, if passed and then approved by Louisiana voters, would legalize recreational marijuana in Louisiana.  The ballot measure will require approval by a two-thirds majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, and then the decision will be left up to Louisiana voters who would vote […]

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