Our Views: Mayor Cantrell Remains Deaf to Constituent Concerns

August 25, 2022

Nearly 50% of New Orleanians disapprove of the mayor's performance at this point, but that hasn't deterred her from staying the course. Over the past several weeks, Mayor LaToya Cantrell has faced criticism on trash contracts, crime, her outlandish travel spending, and more. Yet in almost every interest, she has ignored the concerns of her constituents and attempted to defend her actions - or even doubled down.

Metro Disposal Fires Sanitation Workers, Uses Prison Labor, as the City is Silent

May 13, 2020

Last week, Big Easy Magazine reported on the sanitation truck workers on strike in Gentilly, protesting their abysmal pay and safety conditions.  Four days ago, WWLTV reported that all of the striking workers were fired.  Now, according to Payday Report, a Chattanooga-based cooperative, the workers were replaced by “transitional labor” – namely, incarcerated workers who […]

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