Overpopulation: It’s Possible Implications and Ways Out

August 20, 2019

How Do You Deal With Overpopulation? One of the most pressing problems humankind is facing today is overpopulation. The number of people on our planet is increasing fast. About 35–40 thousand years ago, there were about one million inhabitants on Earth. In 1900, its population exceeded 1.5 billion people. And, by the year 1960, it […]

Teaching Yourself Guitar-Playing

July 29, 2019

Learning to play any musical instrument requires dedication and hard work. Music creates harmony and rhythm at any occasion or gathering. Music bonds people, cities, and even nations. Music should be easy on the ears. One of the most popular musical instruments is the guitar. The pose, the strings, chords and the acoustic music that […]

Parents want more parental controls over their kids’ internet browsing

June 3, 2019

The internet is the biggest platform in the world for communication, allowing millions of people to reach out to each other. However, all of that increased interaction comes with potential dangers and negative repercussions as well. The big question is how much parental control is too much? With kids becoming more internet savvy every day, […]

NOLA Artisan Warehouse Presents: Small Business Saturday

November 19, 2018

Located at 8725 Oak Street (between Eagle St. and Monroe St.), the NOLA Artisan Warehouse is a collective of New Orleans Artisans. They support many unique, local artists. With extended hours for small business Saturday (11am-5pm on November 24th), make sure to stop in and see their beautiful creations inspired by our timeless city and its rich culture!  

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