A $4.5 Billion Dollar Project in Ascension Parish, Carbon Capture, and… Zombies?

October 21, 2021

Pennsylvania-based petrochemical company Air Products is planning a $4.5 billion dollar blue hydrogen “Clean Energy Complex” in Ascension parish. This would be Air Products’ largest investment ever in the U.S. and their 19th facility in Louisiana.  Although the project is being hailed as a major clean energy investment in Louisiana, the definition of “clean” seems […]

“Green Activist” Investor and Former Tulane Trustee Board Member, Chris James, Pushes Toxic Grain Elevator in Majority Black Community

June 4, 2021

Financial news was set ablaze last week when upstart hedge fund Engine No. 1 won at least two seats on Exxon’s board, siphoning shareholder votes–including backing from BlackRock–in their climate change-focused proxy battle. Chris James, Engine No. 1’s founder, was hailed as a victorious, environmental activist, securing industry recognition and what Matt Levine from Bloomberg […]

Out-of-State Attorneys General Contest Army Corps Environmental Assessment of Formosa Plastics

May 27, 2021

Attorneys General from New York, Connecticut, the District of Columbia, Massachusetts, and New Jersey sent a letter on Monday to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers outlining their reasoning for a more comprehensive analysis of Formosa Plastics. Their comments outlined a scathing review of the New Orleans District Army Corps of Engineers’ incompetence in properly […]

Report Shows 5 Refineries in LA Above “Action Level” for Cancer-Causing Benzene

May 3, 2021

The Environmental Integrity Project, a non-profit watchdog focused on environmental regulation, released a report naming 5 oil refineries in Louisiana as above “action level” for benzene, a Group A carcinogen. The report, titled “Environmental Justice and Refinery Pollution: Benzene Monitoring Around Oil Refineries Showed More Communities at Risk in 2020” explored the relationship between cancer-causing […]

“No Community Is Disposable,” Activist Welcome Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act With Projections on Superdome

March 26, 2021

On Monday night, activist from the Stop Formosa Plastics Coalition projected slogans including, “#BreakFreeFromPlastic,” “No Community Is Disposable,” “Libérate del Plástico,” “Environmental Justice = No New Plastic” and a skull and crossbones onto the Superdome. They join activist groups in cities across the U.S. including Washington D.C., San Francisco, Houston, Portland, and Pittsburgh who projected […]

“Formosa Would Be A Death Sentence For St. James Parish”: Activists Call Upon Biden and Army Corps to Stop Formosa Plastics

February 10, 2021

Activists in New Orleans, St. James, and San Francisco coordinated banner drops Tuesday calling upon President Joe Biden and the Army Corps of Engineers to revoke the federal permit for the proposed $9.4B Formosa Plastics megaplant in St. James Parish.  This comes months after the Army Corps temporarily suspended the project’s permit and President Biden […]

City Council Bows to Entergy with Renewable and Clean Portfolio Standard, Meanwhile Energy Bills Skyrocket

February 6, 2021

In March 2020, the New Orleans City Council voted unanimously to pass a “Renewable and Clean Portfolio Standard” (RCPS), which would mandate carbon emissions reductions from the city’s energy provider, Entergy New Orleans. The RCPS comes nearly three years after the Council published their Climate Action Plan, which envisions a 50% reduction in New Orleans’ greenhouse […]

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