The Conflicts of Interest SB 203 Enables Are As Clear as the Drinking Water Industries Monopolize

June 9, 2021

In Louisiana, it’s not uncommon for bills that stink of corruption to fly through the legislature. However, Senate Bill 203 has really outdone itself in regard to malfeasance.  The bill, sponsored by Senator Mack A. “Bodi” White Jr. will not only legalize conflicts of interest on the Capital Area Ground Water Conservation Commission in the […]

What Could Go Wrong? Bill Enables Pollution by Ensuring Secrecy & Reduced Fines for Violations

May 27, 2021

Louisiana’s coast is eroding. The air in Cancer Alley is toxic. The seafood industry is suffering. The nation’s first climate refugees had to abandon their home’s in Louisiana.  No state has been more impacted by climate change. Yet, Louisiana’s legislature continues to overlook protecting the environment, and in turn, their state’s residents, as a priority, […]

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