Louisiana Transgender Student Atheletes’ Rights Under Attack Again; Lege Threatens Veto Session

June 25, 2021

Once again, the Louisiana legislature is threatening the rights of transgender students in sports. On Tuesday, Governor John Bel Edwards struck down a bipartisan bill, SB 156, the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act.” Nevertheless, the legislature has decided not to give up, instead indicating that they may convene a legislative session just to override the […]

Let Them Play, “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” Shouldn’t Restrict Transgender Athletes From Participating in Sports

May 21, 2021

Growing up, sports were a huge part of my life. Many of the things I learned on athletic fields have served me well in life – lessons about teamwork, fair play, and setting and achieving goals. The most important might have been from playing against those who were stronger or better skilled — learning to […]

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