Louisiana Lawmakers Push for More Time on Redistricting

June 16, 2022

Although a six-day special redistricting session started Wednesday, legislatures are hoping to delay the process, waiting on an appeal filed by Louisiana Secretary of State Kyle Ardoin. That hearing is set for July 8. In the meantime, Senate President Page Cortez and House Speaker Clay Schexnayder filed a motion on Monday asking for at least 10 more days to comply with the redistricting order mandating that new maps be submitted by June 20.

Louisiana State Police Superintendent Offers Reforms Following Robert Greene’s Death; Congressman Troy Carter Not Satisfied

September 11, 2021

In a recent news conference, Louisiana State Police Superintendent Colonel Lamar A. Davis, a Black man himself, discussed police reforms, directly addressing Ronald Greene’s death and Lieutenant John Clary, one of the officers on the scene of Greene’s death. Besides the death of Greene, two more incidents bear notice. In May, 2019, Aaron Larry Bowman […]

LA Legislators File Bills to Address Racial Discrimination in the Black Community

April 22, 2021

  Recently, several Louisiana legislators have filed eyebrow-raising legislation to include a bill that could make it illegal to teach about racism and sexism as well as bills that threaten health care for transgender people. To counter the series of regressive legislation filed by Republican legislators, four Democratic legislators and one Republican legislator have filed […]

LA Congressional Candidate State Sen. Troy Carter Discusses Key Issues and Addresses Concerns in Interview

March 9, 2021

Louisiana has seen dramatic demographic and political changes in the last thirty years. Once reliably Democratic, the state has mirrored the larger urban/rural realignment in the rest of the United States and now supports Republican candidates by some of the widest margins in the country.  Following the 2010 census, Louisiana lost a congressional seat, shrinking […]

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